The story behind how and why ATTIC was started, what it offers to shoppers and what it brings to local vintage stores was featured in last week’s Local Living section of the Washington Post.

The article ran shortly after the ATTIC Launch Party, where reporter Jura Koncius caught up with store owners, ATTIC’s co-founders and others that came out to support the new website. The article also ran online in the Post’s Lifestyle / Home and Garden section.

Although traffic was already increasing day by day as the word about ATTIC got out, the Post’s article led to a surge of visits. In a matter of days, ATTIC welcomed more than 4,000 new visitors and served up nearly 30,000 page views. The article also brought ATTIC to the attention of vintage and antique stores from the Washington DC area that were not yet listed on the site. Over the coming weeks, the ATTIC team will be working through those requests to increase the number of listed stores and increase the overall inventory listed on the website. Subscribe to ATTIC’s e-newsletter to learn about the stores as they are added.