Art Deco from Yesterday (with a Touch of Today) in and around the District

If you’ve only been looking at furniture for the past few years, you might think that midcentury modern and Danish-driven design represent the only ways to go. This could be especially true given the imitation and replication from places like West Elm, CB2, Room and Board, Design Within Reach and many others. However, these same stores are starting to move on – or at least expand – their repertoire. But if you really want to see the possibilities, your best bet will be the DC area’s vintage stores.

The increasing use of glass, polished brass, and elevated levels of ornateness by national retailers are evidence of a new direction and expanding popular appeal. Among our favorite alternative styles are art deco, streamlined moderne and art moderne. Read on for a bit more about these styles and where to look for great deco furniture in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington. We’ll share a few examples as seen on ATTIC, including both well preserved original pieces along with others that have been given nice contemporary updates.

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New Store: Klaradal, a specialist in swedish antiques

We’re willing to guess that the last piece of furniture you bought that was made by a Swedish company has a shelf life of about <1 move — that is, it won’t last past your next move. Maybe the pegs will break, maybe a bit of water will have soaked into and engorged the press wood or maybe you’ll have lost that screw-wrench thingy. Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot to admire about the design of Ikea furniture, but by and large, most of their pieces are not designed to last. Rarely do they use solid wood, quality dove-tail joints, or hardware forged by an artisan. We digress…

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