ATTIC DC Founder Featured in Washington Post and Petworth News

After an interview with local blogger and journalist Drew Schneider, Petworth News published a profile of ATTIC DC Co-Founder Tarek Anandan. Later that week, the Washington Post published an excerpt of the profile.

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New Store: Spilled Paint Design of Baltimore

We’re pleased to welcome another furniture dealer from the Baltimore area, Spilled Paint Design. The store offers a very nice and eclectic mix of furniture pieces, as well as artwork and decorative objects. Styles include midcentury modern, hollywood regency, art deco, industrial and more.

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ATTIC Fashion is Born

Six months ago we launched ATTIC as a way of highlighting small, local, independent furniture stores and dealers. We did it to make shopping with them easier and to help them thrive in a city that is rapidly changing and undergoing tremendous development. We’re proud of what we accomplished with ATTIC. It has led to tens of thousands of dollars of confirmed sales at stores throughout the DMV and helped raise the profile of vintage furniture as a wonderful home furnishing option. And now we’re hoping we can have the same success and similar impact by launching ATTIC Fashion.

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New Store: Baileywyck Antiques of Middleburg

We’ve heard more than one or two tussles about the difference between vintage, retro and antique. It’s generally accepted that antique means an item is more than 100 years old, and a lot of the furniture on ATTIC doesn’t reach that bar. That’s why we’re especially pleased to welcome Baileywyck Antiques (Virginia) to ATTIC.

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New Store: One More for DC Area Midcentury Modern Furniture Fans

We’re pleased to welcome another new store to ATTIC. Our latest addition, Vintage Mid-Century Frederick, is located in…well, Frederick MD. If you’re somewhere up along the I-270 corridor, you’re not too far from another great resource for mod, MCM, danish and all the other things you’ve come to know about midcentury furniture. If you’re closer to DC, then you can make it up to Frederick for a really quick day trip. Use ATTIC to preview what you’ll find in their store, and while you’re there, you might as well check out some of Frederick’s other antique and vintage offerings.

New Store: Tanglewood Works of Hyattsville MD

We’re pleased to announce the addition of yet another new store, Tanglewood Works, of Maryland. The store focuses on restoring, upcycling and re-using great pieces of furniture with plenty of beautiful life left in them. At the store’s location alongside another ATTIC store, Community Forklift, you’ll find freshly painted and modernized versions of a variety of furniture that tends to lean toward the shabby chic, farm and classic Americana styles. They’ve only been on ATTIC for a few weeks and have already contributed tens of interesting items to the area’s ever changing vintage furniture and antique inventory. We look forward to what they’ll bring in the new year.

New Stores: Community Forklift and the Brass Knob, Specialists in Antique Hardware, Furniture and Architectural Salvage

Will you antique addicts and vintage vampires ever be satisfied? We started with twenty stores; then it was thirty, forty — and now we’re closing in on fifty stores in the DC, Virginia and Maryland area! Two of our latest stores bear a similarity in that they are most widely known as purveyors of antique hardware and/or architectural salvage. They’re perfect if you’re trying to restore or furnish an older home, or give a more modern home some of the charm of yesteryear.

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