New Store: Sturgis Antiques of Baltimore

You probably already know this: don’t fear I-95 (except during rush hour). There are some great stores up in Baltimore. And ATTIC now showcases the furniture of one more, Sturgis Antiques.

You’ll be able to see their latest inventory on ATTIC in the areas of antique and midcentury furniture. The store also deals in smaller items including artwork, books, statues and more, some of which will be included in our Flea market site.

Sturgis Antiques is one of several Baltimore area stores showcased on ATTIC. If you’re making the trip up there from DC and want to make a full day of antiquing and vintag-ing, then take a look at our full list of furniture stores to help round out your tour. Don’t know where to begin? Browse the latest inventory from just the Baltimore stores by using our location filter.