New Store: Klaradal, a specialist in swedish antiques

We’re willing to guess that the last piece of furniture you bought that was made by a Swedish company has a shelf life of about <1 move — that is, it won’t last past your next move. Maybe the pegs will break, maybe a bit of water will have soaked into and engorged the press wood or maybe you’ll have lost that screw-wrench thingy. Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot to admire about the design of Ikea furniture, but by and large, most of their pieces are not designed to last. Rarely do they use solid wood, quality dove-tail joints, or hardware forged by an artisan. We digress…

If Swedish furniture and longevity is of interest, you might want to check out our latest store addition to ATTIC: Klaradal. Sure, the style is different, but many of their pieces are well over 100 years old. They’re solid, beautiful and evidence of a furniture craft hard to find these days. Klaradal, located in an 1817 farmhouse in Olney Maryland, also carries vintage furniture pieces, primarily Swedish but also Danish and other items of Scandinavian origin, if you prefer the midcentury modern look. Enjoy.

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