New Store: Baileywyck Antiques of Middleburg

We’ve heard more than one or two tussles about the difference between vintage, retro and antique. It’s generally accepted that antique means an item is more than 100 years old, and a lot of the furniture on ATTIC doesn’t reach that bar. That’s why we’re especially pleased to welcome Baileywyck Antiques (Virginia) to ATTIC.

20th century? 19th century? Yes, genuine antiques. You’ll find intricate wood carved furniture, antique french furniture, fabulous chandeliers and much more. You don’t have to take our word for it — they’ve been voted Best of Virginia, Antique Shop several times. But perhaps you can judge for yourself? We recommend you make a day trip out to Middleburg to see the store in person. Maybe you’ll even meet one of their gold retrievers — the origin of the Baileywyck name actually goes back to one of their old canine friends.

Can’t make the trip but see the perfect piece? Their selection of ATTIC listed antique furniture and furnishings are available for sale on their eBay store. We’ll be updating our site with their new items as soon as their posted. As always, the latest and greatest antique and furniture from all over the DMV is on our browse page.