You’re about to have the opportunity to decorate and furnish your new home — the opportunity to create a space you enjoy coming home to every day, and a place that your friends will remember for the wonderful dinner parties, cocktail parties, book clubs or movie nights. Wonderful.

Still, whether it’s your first apartment, condo, or house, it can be a daunting and expensive task. It doesn’t need to be though. One of the reasons we built ATTIC was to help people in your situation — in fact, we faced the exact same situation when we came up with the idea. ATTIC brings together, on a single website, inventory from the area’s best used, vintage, and antique furniture stores so that you can have your new place up to shape in no time. It’s like Craigslist, but instead of individuals (and a whole lot of spammers), it consists solely of local, independent businesses and artisans from your new home town.

If you’re on a budget, used furniture is an ideal way to save some money. And used vintage furniture is great if you don’t want to sacrifice style. There are stores all over the Washington DC area — some probably very close to where you’ll be living — that carry an array of used dressers, kitchen tables, sofas and chairs, bookcases, patio furniture and everything else you might need. Heck, they even carry plenty of things you might not really “need” — from bars for the aspiring mixologist to wonderful decorative objects that will help you make some finishing touches.

These stores sell quality used furniture for a fraction of what you might pay for similar new pieces. By quality, we’re referring to pieces that are made of solid hardwood and crafted in a way that you just can’t find these days without spending a lot of money. Use ATTIC to help narrow in on the budget options that match your needs by going to the Browse furniture page and adding one of our average price filters. It will help you identify specific products as well as stores that generally match your budget.  And if you want to save a bit more money still, take a look at our featured stores, all which offer a 5% discount for pieces you find on ATTIC.

Or perhaps you’re just not sure of the stylistic direction you want to go with in your new place. Do you want your home office to have the style of Mad Men’s Don Draper? Then focus on midcentury modern and danish modern pieces. Or maybe you want to a living room worthy of an Anthropologie catalog? You’ll probably like furniture from the shabby chic, country, and rustic genres. How about a space that Mr Gatsby could call home? That would be art deco. Use ATTIC’s furniture style filters to help find the pieces that match up with your vision. You can also check out our Inspiration page if you want a nudge, as well as our Instagram feed for even more ideas.

Here’s a bonus about shopping from stores on ATTIC — these are all local stores, all in DC, MD and VA. They are part of your new community. By shopping at these stores, you’re going to learn about your new neighborhood and your new city. And you’re going to see more than just these stores along the way — from coffee shops to bars and restaurants — you’re going to start seeing all the places that make the DMV (that’s DC, Maryland, and Virginia) great. In DC alone, there are stores and craftsman in numerous Northwest neighborhoods: Petworth, Shaw, Fort Totten, Logan Circle, U Street and 14th Street. In Northeast DC, we’ve got H Street and Brookland/Woodridge covered. See the full listing by neighborhood and city.

So remember, don’t get too bogged down in the boxes, packing tape, uhaul trucks, or moving companies. Focus on the new. It’s going to be great.