ATTIC Fashion is Born

Six months ago we launched ATTIC as a way of highlighting small, local, independent furniture stores and dealers. We did it to make shopping with them easier and to help them thrive in a city that is rapidly changing and undergoing tremendous development. We’re proud of what we accomplished with ATTIC. It has led to tens of thousands of dollars of confirmed sales at stores throughout the DMV and helped raise the profile of vintage furniture as a wonderful home furnishing option. And now we’re hoping we can have the same success and similar impact by launching ATTIC Fashion.

ATTIC Fashion is just like the original, with one twist. Every day — in fact every hour — our service looks for new inventory offerings from local fashion businesses throughout DC and into Virginia and Maryland (including Baltimore). It provides shoppers and browsers a single place to find the latest, greatest, and most stylish local fashion offerings from within your own neighborhood and community. That’s the same.

Unlike the original ATTIC, however, which focuses solely on vintage, antique and artisan furniture, we’re expanding the scope of ATTIC Fashion to include local boutiques as well as vintage, secondhand and consignment clothiers. We’re also featuring numerous local “Made in DC” designers to mirror the artisan component of the original. In total, ATTIC Fashion presents clothing, jewelry, footwear and accessories from more than 75 stores, dealers and designers from every corner of DC, the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia and even a few select picks from Baltimore.

Stay tuned for more to come including some great guides to shopping local in DC, VA and MD. In the meantime, please give the new ATTIC Fashion a test drive.